Fishing is Kamp Klamath's middle name!

The world-famous Klamath River fishery is open all year and sports two King (Chinook) Salmon seasons and two Steelhead Trout seasons.

Additionally, the world record Red Tail Perch was caught right here at Klamath Beach.



Red tail Perch

Aaron's 36-Pounder

Doug's Catch
Doug's Catch

Family Fun

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Fishing at and around Kamp Klamath



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Salmon Roe




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Jays and Crows

Mussels & Clams


King Salmon





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Salmon Catch

Kamp Klamath likes fish.
Kamp Klamath likes fishing.
Kamp Klamath likes fishermen!











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Levi's first fish


Levi's first fish!