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The Klamath River is the second largest river in California. The river flows 263 miles from southern Oregon to the Pacific Ocean at Klamath Beach, California. The river drains 15,800 square miles as it flows through the Cascade Mountain range.

Mankind has lived along this river for 7,000 years. Early inhabitants included members of the Klamath, Modoc, Karuk, Hoopa and Yurok tribes. European settlement brought gold miners and loggers who have been mainly replaced by farmers, ranchers and tourists.






               Klamath River Mouth

The mouth of the Klamath River offers numerous recreation and adventure opportunities. The Klamath Beach bar creates and protects an important estuary.

The river is world famous for its Chinook (King) Salmon fishing and also offers steelhead trout, rainbow trout, sturgeon, red tail perch.

Common visitors to the area include seals and sea lions, whales and thousands of shore birds, osprey and eagles.

While the surf is often too dangerous for swimming, the warm waters behind the beach are ideal for even the youngest of family members.



This unusual formation is a large bedrock mass rising upwards in the center of an eddy pool within a sand bar in the Klamath River.
This view is from the north bank, upriver from Johnson.

Kayaking anyone?



Yurok tents on Klamath Beach give shelter to tribal members as they launch their boats tending their nets.
New, tighter controls on netting have prohibited the practice on three days a week and limited hours.
Excellent steelhead and salmon fishing with rod and reel is found at the river's mouth and on the inland side of the beach .




           Klamath River Rock Island





                  Klamath Beach Nets






              Isolated Klamath River Beach





             BigFoot Island

One of many isolated beaches along the Klamath River.
Tire tire tracks leading into the inlet testify to the use of this site as a primitive boat ramp.

The lower Klamath River offers two paved boat ramps with another on line.





Kamp Klamath's private "Estuary Trail" leads to this secluded portion of the Klamath River's terminus at the Pacific Ocean.

The estuary is dotted with islands and filled with a wide range of native plants and animals. Among mammals populating this system are river otters, fishers, mink, beaver, opossum and raccoons. Among the thousands of birds passing through are osprey, bald and golden eagle, giant grey heron and the strikingly beautiful wood duck.




Relief map of the Klamath River and its tributaries.



       Klamath River Map



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