Kamp Klamath likes fish. Kamp Klamath likes fishing.
Kamp Klamath likes fishermen!
Fishing is Kamp Klamath's middle name!

Kamp Klamath guests with their catch for the day.

The largest of these King [Chinook] Salmon weighs in at 36 lbs. and 2 oz.

Kamp Klamath is 1.3 miles from the mouth of the Klamath River, Klamath Beach and the Pacific Ocean.

The chief biologist, California Department of Fish and Game, [Arcata, Northern California District] announced today the following:

  1. The Springer salmon season will be adjusted to July 1-August 14 with a news release hitting the internet on Friday, June 21.  

  2. The Springer limit will be one fish of any size per day with a 2 fish possession limit.

  3. The Fall run salmon season is open from August 15 through September.

  4. The Fall limit will be two fish [including only one adult - 22"  +] with a six fish possession limit.

  5. Of special interest is his report that there will be more than DOUBLE the number of Fall run salmon as there were last year.

  6. This is going to be a banner year for Fall run Chinook [king] salmon.

The world-famous Klamath River fishery is open all year and sports two King (Chinook) Salmon seasons and two Steelhead Trout seasons. Additionally, the world record Red Tail Perch was caught right here at Klamath Beach.​


Fishing Guide Service

The Klamath River has earned the reputation as one of the finest fishing rivers in North America. Beside our excellent location on the Klamath River near the Pacific Ocean and friendly, helpful staff, we offer the services of the very best fishing guides available.


  • Each one of our guides is licensed and has spent years learning the Klamath River.

  • Our guides operate modern and well-maintained boats and supply the best in quality tackle.

  • Your catch will be dressed and filleted for you and wrapped and frozen if you wish.

  • Call us and we can assist you in reserving the services of a guide.

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