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Redwood National & State Parks

We are within short drives to all the wonderful offerings of the Redwood National and State Parks.  The Redwood National Park surrounds Kamp Klamath. Prairie Creek, Del Norte Coast and Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Parks are within short drives. The "Big Tree" is among the most popular of the forest giants. At 1,500 years of age, it was a seedling when the northern hordes were destroying Rome and King Arthur was holding court at the Round Table.

Other popular highlights include Stout Grove and the "Corkscrew Tree".

Klamath River & Beaches

We are the closest campground (1.3 miles of paved road) to the mouth of the Klamath River, which offers numerous recreation and adventure opportunities. The Klamath Beach sand bar creates and protects an important estuary. The river is world famous for its Chinook (King) Salmon fishing and also offers steelhead, rainbow trout, sturgeon and red tail perch. Common visitors to the area include seals and sea lions, whales and thousands of shore birds, osprey and eagles. While the surf is often too dangerous for swimming, the warm waters behind the beach are ideal for swimming as well as kayaking or canoeing.

Fishing at Kamp Klamath

Kamp Klamath is located along the Klamath River, 1.3 miles from the mouth of the River at the Pacific Ocean.  The world-famous Klamath River fishery is open all year and sports a long King (Chinook) Salmon season and two Steelhead Trout runs. Additionally, the world record Red Tail Perch was caught right here at Klamath Beach.​

Wildlife at and around Kamp Klamath RV Park and Campground

Camping at Kamp Klamath offers an opportunity to see an unusual array of wildlife. Kamp Klamath is located on the Klamath River near the estuary within ear shot of the Pacific Ocean. It lies at the base of Flint Ridge and is surrounded by the the Redwood National Park. The Kamp includes BigFoot Island and is within yards of Richardson Pond. As such, the Kamp offers an opportunity to interact with an unusually broad spectrum of wildlife.

Fern Canyon

Imagine walking through a narrow canyon where the walls are completely covered by luxuriant ferns and mosses and are dripping with moisture. That describes Fern Canyon in the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Forest. It's an unforgettable natural wonder that Steven Spielberg chose as a location for Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World.  A level trail of about one mile follows Home Creek that has carved a deep (50 to 80 feet) canyon through the sedimentary soils. The vertical walls sprout an amazing variety of ferns (five different kinds) and other moisture-loving plants and mosses.

This must-see attraction is just 18 miles from Kamp Klamath

Whale Watching

Among the best places on the Pacific coast to shore watch for whales is right here around Kamp Klamath. Both the Requa Overlook (north of the Klamath River) and the Klamath Estuary Overlook on Coastal Drive (south of the Klamath River, 1.3 miles from Kamp Klamath) offer excellent whale watching opportunities.

These sites are hundreds of feet above the ocean and offer a unique look down at the whales rather than the typical elusive sea level, silhouette "sighting". Whales come close to shore here and there is ample free parking.

Located in the heart of the Redwood Empire, at the very center of Redwood National and State Parks and only 8.4 miles from Kamp Klamath, Trees of Mystery is Northern California's premier attraction!

You may walk through an unusual redwood forest and ride a gondola through the treetops.

The free, on sight End of the Trail Museum is internationally renowned for its collection of native artifacts, artwork and photographs. An excellent gift shop offers a wide selection of area-specific items along with some of the best fudges in the world!

Tour Thru Tree

The world famous Tour Thru Tree has become a standard "must see" for visitors to California's Coastal Redwoods

More than 725 years ago, a redwood tree began to grow outside what was to become the tiny community of Klamath. California. Today you can actually drive through the trunk of this enormous giant now known as the Tour Thru Tree. Photographs of family cars passing through this giant grace thousands of vacation photo albums.  The Tour Thru Tree is located just 2.5 miles north of Kamp Klamath on Route 169. Take the Terwer Valley/Klamath Glen off-ramp from Highway 101. The entry kiosk is across from the off ramp. Rates are $5.00 per car of three occupants plus $1 per additional occupant over seven years of age. Motorcycles are $3.  A fee deposit box is available for off-hour touring. 707-482-5971.

The Farm That Wasn't

Faced with submarine and air attacks on the continental United States by Japanese forces, the United States constructed 59 disguised radar and anti-aircraft positions along Pacific coast beaches. Japan followed up their Pearl Harbor attack by bombing forests in Oregon and California, hoping to divert men, equipment and fuel from our war effort by igniting fires in our redwood, fir and spruce forests.  Of the original 59 stations, only the "Farm that Wasn't" remains today.  Located 3 miles from Kamp Klamath RV Park and Campground

Redwood Casino

The Redwood Hotel Casino, owned by The Yurok Tribe and located within the boundaries of the Redwood National and State Parks is about 3 miles north of Kamp Klamath on Highway 101.

The casino is adjacent to the Abalone Grill restaurant and the Klamath Holiday Express.

Steelhead Lodge

The famous STEEL HEAD LODGE, known for the best margaritas & BBQ in the area is five miles upriver from Kamp Klamath.

The lodge's unique bar top is constructed from a curly redwood tree and the floor displays a beautiful tile mosaic of a birds eye view of the Klamath River.

Lost Rocks Bouldering

Bouldering is the fast-growing sport of climbing isolated, free-standing massive boulders with no assistance from any equipment - Just fingers, toes and teeth.

Kamp Klamath is the closest campground to Lost Rocks, one of the most unique climbing areas in the country. On a coastline hundreds of miles long that is covered with loose rocks, this string of beaches somehow has solid spectacular boulders. The setting here is tranquil and peaceful despite the pounding surf, lending itself to surf swimming, sunbathing and memorable photography.

Crescent City Harbor

Nearby Crescent City Harbor is famous for its production of Dungeness Crab.  The harbor sports restaurants, fresh catch seafood, water sports rentals and sales, art gallery, bicycle rentals, beach horseback Rides in season, fishing charters, marine supply store, full service ship yard and California Coastal Trail

Ocean World

Ocean World  in Crescent City is more than just an aquarium; it is entertainment for the whole family. You will be taken on a fully guided tour by their highly trained staff who will show and tell you about the mysterious creatures of the sea. The tour lasts about 45 minutes and it is fun, educational and entertaining.

Battery Point Lighthouse and gift shop are located at the foot of A Street in Crescent City, California, 20 miles from Kamp Klamath. This is an active lighthouse that serves as a private aid to navigation. The Lighthouse was first lit with oil lamps on December 10, 1856 and now is also the residence for the lighthouse keepers.

Visitors are welcome at low tide as it is necessary to cross a land bridge. Check for crossing hours.

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